All You Need To Know About Automatic Watch Technology

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Often we are not aware of all the technology used in the watch. As a result, we stuck dump and crestfallen in the middle or become very curious to know the technology used in the particular watch to become more savvy with it. Automatic watch technology is one of the common things that we do not know deeply. Hence, I would make all the effort to educate you in a very common and layman term about it. So let’s get started.

What is Automatic watch technology?

Automatic is synonymous to self-winding. It precisely means that the watch will wind itself by utilizing the weight inside the watch oscillates to put pressure or tension on the mainspring through the random motion of the wearer’s arm. It is also referred as a mechanical watch in which the natural motion of the person wearing the watch yield energy to run the watch. Thus, making manual winding non-imperative.

The automatic mechanical watches are the most commonly seen watches until quartz watches arrive in the market. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that the idea of an utomatic power generating system has existed since the inception of quartz watch development.

It is totally distinct as compared to manual watch because it does not consist of an internal battery.

Avoid over-winding

The mechanical or automatic watch technology keeps working even after the mainspring is completely wound up. As a result, if a simple mainspring is used, it will put extra pressure on the mainspring. In some ordinary watch mainspring barrel, the outer end of the spiral mainspring is duly fixed with the inside of the barrel. However, in the slipping barrel, the mainspring barrel is fixed to a circular steel expansion spring that eventually presses against the inside wall of the barrel that consists of serration or notches to hold it.

The circular steel expansion spring is also known as ‘bridle’. This bridle must grip the barrel wall with adequate amount of force. It will allow the mainspring to fully wind and not over-wind.

The mechanism of automatic power generating system

  • The rotation of the half-moon shaped oscillating weight is performed by the movement of the wearer.
  • The gear train amplifies the rotation movement of the oscillating weight and shift it to the generating rotator.
  • The generating rotator spins at considerably high speed to yield power voltage across the coil block where the electric current flows. This electric current is deposited in the energy storage unit.
  • Finally, the energy storage unit provides the electric energy to the quartz crystal oscillator to run the quartz watch.