Casio Protrek PRT-B50 – A Watch To Grab For Men Of Adventurous Adrenaline

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Casio is always known for its world-class watches with extraordinary features and design. No wonder many watch lover eyes remain watchful of what going to be the next from Casio. This is where Casio is master of sensing the nerve of its ardent followers. It is the time now to unveil the yet another blockbuster from Casio which is Casio Protrek PRT-B50-4, a sports watch for men with quad sensor and smartphone and many more features.

This watch is specifically designed for climbers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor lovers who always be ready to grab new challenges and opportunity to explore a new adventure. Now the PRT-B50 Series comprises Bluetooth features that will enable data communication with a smartphone running the PRO TREK Connected app, which going to provide enhance utility as well as the use of this watch.

The Quad Sensor system makes use compact sensors that will allow to pack compass, altitude/barometer, and temperature measurements, along with an accelerometer that keeps track of your step count, into a compact configuration.

Calorie calculations use both step count and altitude information to take upgrades and downgrades into consideration, and calories burned values are recorded by the app. The app automatically records altitude data measured by the watch and route information obtained by a smartphone’s GPS, and you can manually fix altitude points along your route using a Route Log feature.

You can also conduct a watch button operation to find out or track your current location and record them for memory. Once you done this and move to a different place, a Location Indicator will indicate the direction and display the distance back to the registered location. This makes it easy to determine the relationship between the two locations, which is an essential attribute for outdoor activities.

No matter where you go or where you are the smartphone connectivity provides easy configuration of settings and Auto Time Adjust will make sure that your time setting is always updated and correct. With the help of using a smartphone GPS you can acquire altitude information by configuring it accordingly.

Here are some of the features you should have it in a glance:

  • Quad Sensor (Thermometer, Altimeter/Barometer, Digital compass, Step counter)
  • Smartphone Link (Bluetooth® connection connect with a smartphone)
  • Hand retraction function
  • Sunrise/sunset time display
  • World Time (City Swapping)
  • Double LED Light (Auto Light)